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Re: Ubuntu One Applet not Visible


Hi Clayton,

Thanks for testing Ubuntu One!

On Sun, 05 Jul 2009 23:24:33 -0700
Clayton Anderson <anderc@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> I just received my invitation to join Ubuntu One so I installed the
> package, and upon clicking the icon to get things started, no applet
> icon appeared on the taskbar. I then logged out and back in, tried the
> menu item again with the same results. I also killed the process and
> started it from a terminal session but had no luck with this method
> either. My apologies if this is a duplicate post, but I did not see
> one covering this.

Several users experienced similar issues, please execute:
ubuntuone-client-applet -s 
if that doesn't work, please file a bug, and execute: apport-collect
ubuntuone-client <bug number>


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