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Re: Somewhat urgent privacy concern


Elliot Murphy wrote:
> Arand Nash wrote:
>> In the "long" term either U1 has to stop attaching this data to their
>> crash reports OR the retracer has to be fixed to keep bugs private when
>> dupe-marked or to remove *all* attachments from private bugs gone public.
> We can immediately change the apport hooks in ubuntuone-client to stop
> attaching these logs. It's very important that users give informed
> consent before sharing any of their data with developers to debug. Once
> this is removed from the apport hooks then we can have a longer
> discussion about changing the way logging is done in U1, how the
> retracer works, etc.


Now has a debdiff attached which stops the apport hook from attaching
the two Ubuntu One logfiles which would almost always have filenames in
them, and I've subscribed ubuntu-main-sponsors who can review and upload.

I don't know whether this is the long term solution, but I hope that it
will address the most urgent part of the privacy concerns that you raised.