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Re: notify-osd feedback


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Vincenzo Ciancia wrote on 27/04/09 16:06:
> important n. 1) notifications disappear. That's by design. However,
> since I installed jaunty, I have seen a notification bothering me with
> some "this network is .local something and this is bad" long message
> that I never managed to read (fancy understanding it) every time I
> connect to the local network. I have no way to let the notification
> stay longer (e.g. mouseover) and I have no way to find it in a message
> log of some sort.

The next time it happens, please check the log in
~/.cache/notify-osd.log (or grab a screenshot), and report a bug (with
the "notifications" tag) on the package that generated the notification.

> less important) even though one may click "trough" the notification, I
> fear that users will not understand this and just wait for the
> notification to disappear: there is no other case of
> "click-transparent" window that I know of, hence I don't expect users
> to trust that they can really click "below" an existing window, even
> if it looks transparent. Perhaps avoiding mouse (by moving) would be
> better, but it would also look a bit funny in the negative sense of
> it.

One of the things we'll consider for 9.04 is giving the bubbles an
appearance that makes it more obvious that you can click through them.
For example, they could look more gaseous or cloudy somehow.

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