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Re: Message Indicator message weighting


Juha Siltala wrote:
> Unfortunately, XChat-GNOME (which is in main) does not yet support the
> new system. The "legacy" XChat is in universe and does not support it
> either. By default, Pidgin does in fact *not* have a perpetual icon in
> the notification area in Jaunty, so there is no double representation.

ok... i had done an upgrade, so probably pidgin notification icon still
remains...! oops i had forgotten to delete the xchat from that line! ,
my bad
> I would like to know what this claim is based on. Email is still quite
> commonly used and my (more or less educated) guess is that it is still
> much more common than instant messaging. Another thing is whether you
> consider the envelope icon a representation of an "email message" or
> simply a generic "message".
i think u misread my mail, EMAIL CLIENTS are not more common than im
clients, most people generally have 1 or 2 mail ids [even though thyey
might have several accounts , 2 is max most used]which they check from

generally the envelope is more commonly  used for emails , and the
speech bubble for im clients... thats generally used...
but anything could be "represented"
the best representation is to use the default icon of the application.
> Thunderbird is certainly popular, especially among Windows users.
> However, my hunch is that most people use the default applications that
> come with their systems. On Ubuntu, this is Evolution. I wonder if there
> is data on this?
yes, windows users who migrate generally use thunderbird for familiarity,
evolution only now has some good features...
people generally stick to the apps they used in windows and only when
they do not find same apps do they use other substitutes...
so if a person was using thunderbird in windows, he is more prone to use
it again in UBUNTU.
i dont think this needs data, most conversions to ubuntu are done saying
that we have same apps[firefox,thunderbird, open office] , as in windows
, and ubuntu is free , so common on over!
and even if u check the irc , there are users asking how they can run
their favorite windows apps , in ubuntu.


message weighing afaik is not the most pressing concern for ubuntu,
windows is catching up , and Windows7 is pretty good eye candy , even
though not as good as linux can be , but when windows7 releases its
going to be harder for us to woo users away from windows7 ,we need
something very "lickable" around the time windows7 is out, that would be
awesome... too bad the crappy days of XP and vista are coming to an end
, with win7 we need more wooing...!

i'm sorry for my ranting but talking about windows brought out the worse
in me ;)