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Re: Things I have noticed


Richard makes good points,

I like to remember the idea that "Creations reflect your masters, be
honest about who you serve", I like to think I serve the Ubuntu
Community and more specifically non technical Ubuntu users. So far
Canonical people have been aiming for that audience too.

> Even if most Ubuntu users aren't at all tech savvy, you can't annoy
> the small minority which are power users. Those are the people who may
> decide to get involved in development and submit patches, so their
> opinion is critical to your success. 

I'd also add that it's worth not forgetting system admins, who are just
as picky. These are the guys who hang around in LoCo groups, who are
telling their friends and family to use Ubuntu and while they may never
program anything, they hold influence over more users than most

So far system admins I know dislike the new notifier. Not configurable,
breaks their expected workflow etc etc (some don't care because they
don't use GUIs much).

Regards, Martin