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Re: Fwd: Things I have noticed


Mark Shuttleworth wrote:
> Nate wrote:
>> What if the notification bubbles started neatly in the corner, but
>> after a moment slid down the screen and slowly faded while it moved
>> down a few inches, where it would disappear?  New bubbles would pop
>> up in the corner, but would slide down while their duration ran out. 
>> More important bubbles might pause in the corner longer and slide
>> slower. 
> It's a cute idea, essentially providing subliminal feedback using the
> behaviour of the bubble.
> However, I would agree with Nick's followup, that movement increases the
> difficulty of reading the notification (especially if it is getting
> appended to while it is moving). On balance, I would try to avoid
> arbitrary movement of the bubbles.

sliding bubbles adds a slick interface , but as Nick said , sliding
would make reading difficult...

How about the *bubble sliding works when the user is typing* to catch
his attention , but as soon as the typing stops, the sliding stops and
the bubble timer starts.

that way sliding serves as a means to attract attention, when user is
concentrating on some other part of the screen.