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Re: Pidgin notifications flood on slow internet connections


Il giorno lun, 01/06/2009 alle 16.26 +0100, Przemek Kulczycki ha
> I'm using a 3G modem connection and I've noticed that Pidgin makes a
> flood of notifications (Xxx is available) once it connects to
> Jabber/XMPP /other protocols.
> These notifications last for at least 2 minutes because I have over
> 100 contacts. This is very useless and annoying.
> Something should be done about it. These notifications should be
> skipped or merged into one.
> I'm using Ubuntu Jaunty 64bit.
> Cheers,

As I expect that it is too late to solve this in jaunty (what a pity!)
the easy workaround is to go to the pidgin plugins configuration, edit
the configuration of libnotify notifications and disable some events. If
you have 100 contacts you'd probably be annoyed by their login/logout
messages anyway.


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