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Re: Extending functionality for the time&date indicator


Come on guys , 5 days on a 700 strong mailing list (but I guess that's not really the number) , at least someone should be interested in having some annotation/event functionalities on the calendar . That'll be my last post promoting it , but come on ... maybe ayatana needs promoting:? //

(from Brainstorm , http://brainstorm.ubuntu.com/idea/28647/ , Solution #7 )

A big panel calendar with simple events/notes :

Now , I envision it as being one of the super handy things that Ubuntu has , so bare with me . I've always had trouble keeping track of my daily notes, but I'm frequently around the computer .So when I'm on the computer I want to be able to easily check what the notes/events for the day are and to check them or add more (for any of the upcoming days) .The most handy thing to have is to click on the calendar , which will drop a two-thirds-of-the-screen type of panel (picture : http://dl.dropbox.com/u/42681910/Calendar%20blueprint.png ) , that has the calendar , and in each cell (representing a day) there could be events/notes , that are readable as soon as you expand the applet (and everything hides on Esc or click on the indicator) . I think no other OS has anything similar . So to add an event or to edit one - just click on the cell . An addition to the idea is to have the cell ,that's clicked on, expand (makes it more usable when there's many events/notes) as shown in the picture.

What I've drawn is pretty bad , but I guess you could imagine a better coloured version with some transparency and some simple open-animation .

Importing/exporting with a mail client and/or Ubuntu One will make the integration complete and enable syncing with other devices through the already existing systems.

Best regards ,
Petko Ditchev

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