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Re: No more dodge windows in Unity?


On 02/08/2012 07:01 PM, svelanka@xxxxxxxxx wrote:
"I'm trying to coach you to step back and think about the thing you are proposing in the broader context of a complex system that new users have to feel excited and liberated by. You're asking to make one piece of that harder. I'm asking which OTHER piece you propose to make simpler, to retain balance."

I am not quite sure I understand, so at the risk of sounding dumb I'll just ask. Ubuntu is a coherent system with a certain amount of system and user facing choices. Like a racing car say. Now certain subsystems like the engine are more complicated than say the seat cushions. I am assuming by the amount of discussion and the amount of testing done on this issue, window management is complicated subsystem. If the user is a beginner then there isn't a reason that he/she should have access to the complicated subsystems, much in the same way my old Toyota Corolla doesn't let me control the firmness of my suspension. But if the user is more experienced then not having access to subsystems is more than irritating, its surely akin to not having an easy traction control on a powerful car. Isn't Ubuntu a powerful car? I get that a hard riding supercar with no radio is not appealing to most people, but having a comfortable ride that you can quickly take to track day is appealing to a lot of people isn't it? Abandoning the metaphor, how does the adding control of something the user has to touch everyday, and leaving that easily configurable disrupt the overall harmony or Zen of the system? Surely each subsystem should be allowed to fluctuate on the number of options the user gets to tweak?

I apologize if that sounds dumb.
It doesn't sound dumb , but the problem is not if it is useful , it's a bit more complex . Each new option gives more space for confusion when a new user gets a hands-on . And it's not just about this particular option . The fact is there are a lot of similar options , that want to get integrated and would be useful , but compromises have to be made in order to make a very usable system. That's why the discussion's so long - this option is one of those expensive additions to the settings . I think it's worth it , Mark - not so much :D .

P.S: I like Evans idea to animate hide and show on clicking the dodge option .


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