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Re: Do you guys consider this a Bug? I do


Have you checked to see if there is an existing bug report for this in upstream Gnome?

Michael Hall

On 02/21/2012 05:06 PM, Nekhelesh wrote:
On 02/21/2012 10:54 PM, nick rundy wrote:

It is confusing to people when they see in the Nautilus SidePane how
things are categorized by DEVICES, COMPUTER, NETWORK only to be
confronted with a lack of the same categorization/demarcation when
they are presented with a Save-As dialog box. This results in users
not fully understanding where something is going to be saved.

The Save-As dialog box should use the same categorization/demarcation
paradigm as the Nautilus SidePane. For example, look at the two
screenshots I have attached. In the "Nautilus SidePane" screenshot,
you can see that HOME, DESKTOP, and FILE SYSTEM are all located under
the COMPUTER heading. This clearly communicates that these folders are
located on the user's computer. Now look at the "Save-As dialog
SidePane". Notice how the USER, DESKTOP, and FILE SYSTEM folders are
located where the DEVICES are listed? This is confusing. These folders
are located on the COMPUTER and yet they are being listed along with
DEVICES. The Save-As dialog box layout should match Nautilus' SidePane
layout. That is, USER, DESKTOP, and FILE SYSTEM should be moved below
the "DEVICES section" so they are listed together with the other
folders located on the user's computer.

Hi nick rundy,

This is definitely a bug atleast that's what I think. I have commented
in the bug report and marked it NEW.


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