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Re: Do you guys consider this a Bug? I do


On 02/21/2012 10:54 PM, nick rundy wrote:

It is confusing to people when they see in the Nautilus SidePane how
things are categorized by DEVICES, COMPUTER, NETWORK only to be
confronted with a lack of the same categorization/demarcation when they
are presented with a Save-As dialog box. This results in users not fully
understanding where something is going to be saved.

Well spotted. But it is just one of several questionable differences between the file browser and the dialogs. I think they should be unified.

As things are, users are confronted not only with different sidebars, but also with 2 differently styled path-buttons and get to see icon-view in the browser but a list in the dialogs.

Though I suspect that having the list of devices/bookmarks always open and in some way competing with the path-buttons will confuse users, anyway. There is just a bit much of relations to figure out.

Thorsten Wilms

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