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how design-fixed is the applications lens?


The applications lens currently shows recent stuff (not to my taste, but OK), one line of stuff I have that expands to 200 things I have (woah), and 6 things I don't have (why??)
Is this set in stone?
could it be changed so that it is categorised by category?


it seems to me to be a simpler way of doing things, should I write this as a supplementary lens with python/singlet or finish my hacks to the Vala lens and do a merge request on that?


I am a bit skeptical that changing the default lens will be acceptable as most of what I did was rip out the zeitgeist thing and the adverts, and probably make a mess of the formatting, but I would like some feedback on whether this is a useful direction for the main lens, or a useful supplementary lens.


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