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Re: Power-Cog turning blue when software updates are available?


If it turns blue you would also change the text color for that entry.

I would personally find it better just to have one of those little circles (like in the messaging menu) with the amount of updates.


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From: nrundy@xxxxxxxxxxx
To: unity-design@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Date: Mon, 27 Feb 2012 12:05:05 -0500
Subject: [Unity-design] Power-Cog turning blue when software updates are	available?

I thought at one point there was supposed to be a blue-highlight of the Power-Cog when software updates are available. since there is an entry in the Power-Cog: "Software Is Up To Date" wouldn't it be a beneficial feature for the Power-Cog to turn blue color when the software is NOT up to date? Similar to how the Power-Cog turns red when restart is needed and the indicator-messaging (envelope) turns blue when new e-mail has arrived? 

The idea is simply that the blue colored power-cog causes the user to click and investigate and then see that the "Software Updates Available" message is in blue, which immediately communicates the source of the blue color change. From then on the user knows blue color means updates are available.

I know that the Launcher receives the update-manager icon etc. when updates are available. But it seems logical to me and helpful that the system indicator that already reports on update status in its menu entries also report on this event via a blue color change, that is, indicating that a status change to the system has occurred. The Launcher event happens and alerts the user that updates are available. However, it then "fades away" out of memory as the user commences with workload (especially for folks who hide the launcher). Having a blue-color change in the power-cog could serve as a reminder (once the user finishes his/her work) that "Oh, yeah, I need to update." Further, it just helps communicate the status of the system, which is the reason for the status-indicators.


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