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Re: Power-Cog turning blue when software updates are available off the table?


On 27/02/12 16:15, nick rundy wrote:
I thought at one point there was supposed to be a blue-highlight of the Power-Cog when software updates are available. since there is an entry in the Power-Cog: "Software Is Up To Date" wouldn't it be a beneficial feature for the Power-Cog to turn blue color when the software is NOT up to date? Similar to how the Power-Cog turns red when restart is needed and the indicator-messaging (envelope) turns blue when new e-mail has arrived?

Yes, this would be consistent with our design guidelines for the indicators.

* the indicator can turn colour [green - affirmative, blue - informational, red - warning] * the relevant section in the indicator (in this case, software update line in the menu) goes the same colour to create a thread from the indicator to the menu action

Mockups and bugs welcome.