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Change shortcuts: Alt+F1 and Alt+F2 to Super+F1 and Super+F2


Since multiple keyboard shortcut changes are apparently landing in 12.04, don't you think it makes sense to carry the change over to Alt+F1 (open Launcher Keyboard Navigation Mode) and Alt+F2 (Run a command)?

Both of these keyboard shortcuts currently involve revealing the Dash and/or the Launcher. The Super key is already heavily associated with causing a Launcher and/or Dash event. So it seems off that these events do not have a Super+ keyboard combination. What are your thoughts on this proposal?

I am proposing:

1.) Alt+F1 be changed to  Super+F1 to open the "Launcher Keyboard Navigation Mode"

2.) Alt+F2 be changed to  Super+F2 to open the Dash in "Run a command mode"

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