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Thoughts about reorganizing indicators?


This question pops up from time to time. Some people would like to reorganize their indicators on the panel. I don't know exactly how that order is determined. (I would like to, so please tell). In this case, the specific question on AskUbuntu was how to move the weather indicator closer to the datetime indicator. The question can be found here: http://askubuntu.com/questions/108591/reorganize-indicators-in-unity

I think that's a valid use-case, but there are things to consider. There are at least two different groups of indicators; the app-indicators and the system indicators. If it should be possible to reorganize the indicators at all, should it be possible to move app-indicators among the system indicators? If app-indicators should be reorganizable, but the system indicators not, then should the difference be highlighted in some way?

There is something to be said for consistency and I think it's specially important for system indicators. For app-indicators, however, I have experienced the wish to move some of them. For a while, I used the system monitor indicator, for instance. Since it uses graphics with colors (which does make sense for that indicator), I would want to have it at the very left end of the indicator area so not to break them up visually.

I think we can agree that we need a good tool for the Launcher. (Editing static quicklists, creating new entries, etc) Would it make sense if that tool would also allow organizing indicators, choose which to load at startup, when they should be visible, etc? At least for a short while, you could choose that for bluetooth and audio, and I think for power, in the system settings under different panels. Transmission and other applications will have that in their respective preferences. It would be a good thing if these things were collected in one place, I think. Perhaps adding Launcher and Indicators to the System Settings > Appearance panel?


Jo-Erlend Schinstad

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