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Re: Replacing Nautilus


Den 06. mai 2012 17:58, skrev Ian Santopietro:
> Well, it would still be there underneath. But it needn't be exposed to
> the end user. At least not by default. You could always install a
> traditional file browser, but it shouldn't be necessary to use the
> traditional file system.

I very much agree. Using addressing and names for navigation is a bad
idea, for the simple reason that this is not how the human mind works.
We remember by association. A mere tag-system doesn't do it, though. We
need lots of metadata that you can associate with. That metadata needs
to be added automatically. Otherwise, you're still adapting to the
system, and not vice versa.

It sounds like a fairly simple task, but I think it's something that
needs to mature over large amounts of time. But there's no obstacles to
develop something like this right now.

Jo-Erlend Schinstad

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