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Re: unity-distilled list proposal


On 05/04/2012 06:10 AM, Mark Shuttleworth wrote:
Hi folks

We've done rather well to attract a lot of comments and discussion on
the unity-design list, which is great. And there are lots of interesting
ideas and suggestions and proposals and mockups, which is even better.

There are, however, quite a lot of repetitive threads. For example,
today's "yet another dodge windows" thread. Into that category I'd put
the "why can't it be an option" thread and the "it's ridiculous that the
buttons are on the left" thread. For all that they represent perfectly
valid ideas, which are certainly shared by some users, they have been
discussed to death and are boring to re-hash again and again. They clog
an inbox that would otherwise be full of more interesting, new ideas. We
are over them, so to speak, but new participants may not know that.

There's lots of value in having a public, unmoderated list for design
discussions. It's good to have a place where anybody can generate ideas.
And this list is fine for that. I'd like to propose an additional list,
unity-distilled, which would be public and unmoderated, but open by
invitation only. Participation there would be predicated on a shared
understanding of our values, goals and modus operandi. People would be
invited if they show an interest, insight into and agreement with the
answers to the above boring threads, and several more like them. I'm
sure we'll have vigorous debates on -distilled, but folk there would
have demonstrated an ability to have the debate, settle the question and
move on to more interesting matters rather than letting the same topics
come up repeatedly.


I think the noise is more a symptom that a mailing list, or its current execution, is not tuned for these discussions.

Some big problems with the current mailing list is:

1) Archives are not searchable (see http://lists.launchpad.net/unity-design), making it very hard to provide pointers to old discussions

2) There is no moderation or clear authority. No one to stop off-topic-, repetitive-, or burning threads.

I'd suggest either a) creating a unity-design police with the proper authority and admin rights and making sure the archives are searchable, or b) using another tool that is more dynamic and meritocratic in nature, ala stackexchange or similar.


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