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Re: dash bug


Hi, this bug is still present in 12.10.

2012/4/23 supernova <supernova.it@xxxxxxxxx>:
> Hi to all.
>  In the picture I have attached you can see my desktop running firefox
> on the left, and the same, but with the dash opened on the right. I
> use no blur option, at the moment.
> As you can see, the desktop on the right is shifted down, due to the
> presence of the dash. It's a problem of a few pixel, ten to be
> "precise", as you can see from the button named "Download it now": I
> put a black line to evidence it. I think it is due to the difference
> of width between the top bar and the dash bar.
> I think that it would be better if this was corrected, so that you
> have no more the shift effect of the background when opening the dash.
> Supernova

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