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Notification design problem


I ran into a problem with the notification system, given its design.

Here's what I was doing: I have a program which reads information from
somewhere and notifies me of it, subject to some conditions, using
`notify-send`. I use `watch` to run it regularly. I accidentally set
it to run every 2 seconds, instead of every 2 minutes, and before I
stopped it, multiple messages had been queued. I know this not because
I was able to see the queue, but because the same notice kept
appearing for more than minute after I stopped the watch.

There are two problems here.

1) The notifications should have come within about 2 seconds of each
other, but the time was much longer as each stayed on the screen for a
while before it faded and the next one appeared. If I needed to
receive some notification in a timely manner, I would not have because
of the slowly moving queue.

2) I knew there were a bunch of notifications queued and I couldn't do
anything about it. I couldn't dismiss the notices, see the queue,
dismiss the queue, or anything. I had to wait and wait for all the
messages to go through.

I'm at work and I don't work on this, so maybe there's part of the
design solving these that hasn't been implemented. If so, this should
just be a bug report. But from what I recall, this is a issue needing


Follow ups