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Suggestion: Elegant Private Default Dash Search


Hi all

I've just discovered after typing some text in the Dash that there is no
right arrow key action - this was the zero point for the following idea.

My suggestion:
- Add an Internet button to the right end of the Dash search bar (img 1)
- Add a right arrow key action to allow easy keyboard selection of this
- Change Internet Dash privacy settings from opt-out to opt-in

When clicking/pressing the Internet button the Dash would query Internet
sources, but by default local stuff only.
This would resolve a lot of the current privacy problems and - I guess - it
would be an acceptable default search behaviour for every Ubuntu user. If a
user wanted to always query the net when searching he could switch the
toggle button in the privacy settings to enable internet search by default.

This way, both user types (privacy aware & privacy don't care xD) would be
happy without the need for the privacy aware users to abstain from Dash
online search completely.

I think this is an elegant solution for the privacy problem.

Your thoughts?

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