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Re: Musical continuity


On 12/10/12 15:35, Ryan Prior wrote:
> Unity can offer apps an API to pass music playback off to a background
> process. If the music-playing app crashes, stalls, or needs to be
> restarted, the playback will continue unaffected. On startup, the
> music app receives user data from Unity saying that playback is in
> progress at position I:JK, allowing a seamless continuation. While
> this is perhaps a corner case on desktops, where software is designed
> never to stall or restart (but we're looking at you, Firefox), it's an
> important user case on mobile devices where the operating system will
> intentionally suspend applications in order to conserve power and
> memory.

Interesting idea - essentially, hand off the media stream to the shell,
so if the control app dies, the shell can continue the stream.

> When we think about our daring 13.04 release, let's plan on taking the
> music user experience in a resilient, gap-less direction.
Nicely put :)

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