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suggestion – add a local search lens to the default Ubuntu install


Now that the home lens searches the net too it would be nice to have a lens
that searches only locally. This way people could switch between searching
online and offline easily without the need to deactivate some scopes.

Coupled with my other suggestion 'set default lens in system settings' user
could set there default lens to the local one and only search the web if
they want to.
This way Ubuntu could deliver the whole web and specialized lenses for
special topics thing without scarring the more privacy aware people.

I for myself like the web, but doesn't like when all my search patterns are
send through the net by default when using the default lens aka home lens.
If both suggestions would be implemented I could just set my default lens
to the local lens, but when searching for files using the file lens being
able to find Google Doc files too. The best of both worlds.

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