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Re: Music search function in the panel


On 4 February 2013 12:58, Levan Chelidze <levanchelidze@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Not quite Dash search is good but it is not as direct as it should be "you
> start dash search music and then press play then it starts default music
> player and on then you can listen to your music and continue with your day"
> it is a barrier between music and you  plus it takes too much time and
> clicks to do this
>  Why not make life easier and faster

Hit Dash key, click music lens, click music file - music plays.  1
key, two clicks.  More if you need to type the name of the music of


> On Mon, Feb 4, 2013 at 3:38 PM, Colin Law <clanlaw@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> On 4 February 2013 10:43, Levan Chelidze <levanchelidze@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> > I think listening and managing music on ubuntu is a bit distracting
>> > experience. selecting music that you wish to play requires  complex
>> > tasks
>> > that take a lot of time and completely breaks the flow, for example:
>> >  You are working on a document and you want to start your favorite album
>> > what do you have to do?? Start the Dash find Your "music management
>> > application" then search and only after that start  listening to your
>> > favorite song, but after all of this you do not even remember what you
>> > were
>> > writing.
>> >  So what I want is to integrate music Search function in panel
>> > http://i.imgur.com/mnkPgYH.jpg
>> > you can see what I mean in this image
>> > This will speed up and make musing listening faster more enjoyable and
>> > less
>> > distracting
>> Is not this what the music lens in the Dash does?  Open Dash and click
>> on notes icon at the bottom.
>> Colin

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