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Ability to select music from music lens


I found this problem rather irritating
So I wanted to start a song from the dash, but sadly when I would select a
single song from the album and press play from the music lens it would play
the first song from the album, I think users should have the ability
to select track and play it.

So take a look what I mean:

Ok you are editing a video and you decided to start a song to pace time but
you want to continue editing video after you will start the song


So first you start dash select music lens and search for example an album
and in this album you are looking for a song that you can not remember

Right click on the album and you are in its music list

Ok here is how it looks


now you need to find the song and preview it


ok now you want to continue to listen to this song and work on your video
as well, for this you need to close the dash, but if you close the dash
music will stop playing. luckily it has  play function which will start to
play the song in default music player.
so press play

what happens now in my case and most cases it will start "rhythmbox" but
the problem is this even thou it was playing "Don't cry" in the dash it
will start to play the first song in the album in "rhythmbox" so I need to
search my song all over again

I think ubuntu should add select function in the music dash and seeking
music would be good as well

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