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Michael Hall told me after a G+ conversation to send you this idea for Unity


This is a cut and paste conversation with Michael Hall, I "painted" a
mockup with this idea, and he told me as you can read at the end of this
mail to send it to you.

Short version: make a dock for program menus at the other side of Unity
dock and put nested 3x3 squares with a center "go back" icon in order to be
finger used" and of course as an option for tablets or "touch" monitors.

 - Miguel Mayol <https://plus.google.com/u/0/102427185464881229528>  -  Allow
nested menus debian style with boxes of 3x3 with menu at the middle for
fast and easy finger use.

Change actual main programs "mouse menus" with nested icons menu "fingers
size" with a text, and put it in a vertical row at the right and squares of
3x3 inside - left for "global menu" and right for "program menu" - at least
as a "finger use" option

Make the defaults for main used programs and make an easy way for other
software to make a "unity finger menu"

As you can see I am not an artist, imagine gedit at unity dock, open it,
and you have gedit menu icons at yout right - with images or draws - and if
you finger press "file" icon then this 3x3 options, and the *white center* to
fast close the submenu.

The same at the right dock with a debian tree nested menu, but with
categories and apps. And when you click if it goes to other menu the *white
center* icon goes back instead of close the menu

- Michael Hall <https://plus.google.com/u/0/109919666334513536939>  -  +Miguel
Mayol <https://plus.google.com/102427185464881229528> can you create a
mockup of what you mean?

Miguel Mayol <https://plus.google.com/u/0/102427185464881229528>  -  About
Ubuntu for Android, excellent idea - I had and share it at ubuntu
brainstorm -
IS UBUNTU BRAINSTORM WORKING?http://brainstorm.ubuntu.com/idea/27101/
Idea #27101: WUBI for ANDROIDs Written by mitcoes the 2 Feb 11 at 13:22.
Voted with -11 and not marked as "implemented ideas"

I know is not exactly the same, what you has just done is even better, but
is the same idea, I only want to know if this idea arrived or some ubuntu
brainstormer did not appreciate it and other person had the same idea
inside Ubuntu because if you miss this suggestion you are missing a lot of
other good ideas at ubuntu brainstorm, a great tool that is not being used,
as it must be - at least as I see it -

Miguel Mayol <https://plus.google.com/u/0/102427185464881229528>  -  +Michael
Hall <https://plus.google.com/109919666334513536939> Sorry i am horrible
drawing, but as easy as convert the apps menu to a dock with icons as Unity
dock but at the other side of the screen.

And submenus with a square 5x5 or 3x3 with a white - or any color - icon at
the center to close it and other actions.
Also every menu icon with a line for text. For the menu action. When it is
difficult to make a icon only the text and the button to touch and
different draw than the others that share the square.

Of course some menu buttons will open a window with "normal options" then
this windows to make it "finger used" must have controls with a size that
can be "finger used" and that minds to make submenu options windows
redesigned for finger friendly use. not a lot of work for main Ubuntu
programs as Firefox, Chromium, Libreoffice and a few more, and let the
developers make Unity menu versions if they want.

Or even the users with a "easy menu making tool" for Unity Open Source

And at unity dock an icon with a debian style submenu tree with squares 5x5
or 3x3 with a "white middle icon" for closing it to arrive faster to any
program in a finger menu style with a text box under each with the program
or folder sub menu name.

Of course if you can add a way of customization where you can choose to put
the docks up / down / left / right, as you wish, better, but vertical left
and right at 16/9 actual screens would be better in my opinion.

Last but not least, in order to make translations as fast as possible make
a rosseta stone dynamic library matrix where more used menu words are all
together as

English - Open - Close - Quit - Help - Size
Spanish - Abrir - Cerrar - Salir - Ayuda - Tamaño
Catalan - Obrir - Tancar - Sortir - Ajuda - Grandària

Then any menu can be automatically translated, and a tool for developers to
improve this library for new words they use, with a temp "myrosseta" until
this words for menus are added to the rosseta matrix

I remember there are an app with a debian style Pie menu, something like
that but with non par squares - the center icon is for closing - instead of
pies, not only for the system, for the apps menus, and where you can choose
the size in order to be used at any desktop size with your fingers.

Michael Hall <https://plus.google.com/u/0/109919666334513536939>  -  +Miguel
Mayol <https://plus.google.com/102427185464881229528> look at Pencil, it's
a good mockup-creation program. http://pencil.evolus.vn/
 [image: Foto del perfil de Miguel
Miguel Mayol <https://plus.google.com/u/0/102427185464881229528>  -  +Michael
Hall <https://plus.google.com/109919666334513536939> i sent you a direct
post, as an image cannot be posted in comments, I hope you will understand
what I was saying as i am not good painting, even in such a good tool as
21:58  -  Modificar

-   - Miguel Mayol <https://plus.google.com/u/0/102427185464881229528> Sorry
if I am not more artist, but I think it can be understand.

Of course the top bar is the same as now, and the menu docks can be hidden
or show as now.

As there are a lot of desktop sizes, and finger sizes, there must be also
pre settings for desktop sizes and finger sizes ( 7"/ 8"/ 9" / 10" /11" *
screen* + big / medium / small *fingers* )
  Miguel Mayol <https://plus.google.com/u/0/102427185464881229528>  -  sorry
for the mistakes I use to make corrections after I read my posts but I do
not why I cannot correct it.
21:55  -  Modificar
 [image: Foto del perfil de Michael
Michael Hall <https://plus.google.com/u/0/109919666334513536939>  -  That's
an interesting idea, and it should be possible since we're already
exporting a window's menus over dbus (which is how they get in the
globalmenu panel and HUD). Send this to unity-design@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx along
with your description of how it would work. You might emphasize that it's
for touch interfaces too.