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Ubuntu Look


The recent news about the changement of Ubuntu from Unity to Gnome don't
seem to me a solution.
I'm not a programmer, but a simple user of Ubuntu. As an architect and
designer, I would like to explain my opinion about it. If Unity was called
as "stanted", what can I say about Gnome? Too similar to android look, with
the apps all on the desktop. It is true there is a panel (or two), on top
and/or down; there ìs another on the right. Isn't it too much (redundant)?
In fact it isn't a "new look", really, and the risk is that the solution
could be worse than the problem. The real value of Linux is the fact of
being "strong" and "efficient"; on the other side it's natural connection
to terminal make it difficult, sometimes, the use to simpe user. I dont'
think it will be made for everyone, but really, it seems it hasn't a proper
"dimension" in the desktop world. An it makes Ubuntu "weak" as compared to
the "simply" android. The way it's taking Windows, of course, don't merit
to be imitated. Too heavy, needs a lot of resources and, though apparently
"easy to use" it has become very complicated, and it seems less useful.
People do not need so complicated solutions, with spectacular effects, but
something to use fastly. If not, we couldn't understand the luck of Android
and the use, till  nowaday, of Windows XP. So the real question is: what
really people needs? Open source has all perspectives to satisfy it. So,
why not?

All kind regards
Fabrizio Marni