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[Question #122392]: Focus shifting on Aquamacs


New question #122392 on VM:

Alley Stoughton reports (2010-08-19)

I'm trying to get the VM working well with Aquamacs


on my Mac, and have run into a annoying problem.  When I am advancing
through the messages in a VM frame/folder, I find that my focus shifts
to another frame (VM or not) in a semi-random way.  The focus shift
doesn't always happen, and it doesn't matter if I advance by typing
"n" or use Motion => Next Message.  The same thing happens with "p"/
Previous Message.

The Aquamacs developers don't use VM, but they suggest it's a VM bug.  Any thoughts
about what might be causing the problem?  I'm running VM 8.1.90a and  Aquamacs 2.1,
which is based on GNU Emacs 23.2.50.


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