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Online Accounts developer documentation - contributions welcome!


Hi all,
  I'm happy to announce that finally we have at least some kind of
developer documentation available. :-)
Here's a Google Document which has been in the works during the last
couple of weeks, which tries to describe the overall architecture of the
project and give some starting points on how to develop with Online
Accounts, both from the application development side and from the
services side:


Everyone has read access to the document, and -- most important --
comment access. If you find some mistakes, or feel that some concepts
are not explained clearly (or not at all!), you are very welcome to
point that out.
The goal is to have this document, along with all the API references,
available online at developer.ubuntu.com. The idea is to split it into
three parts:

- Architectural overview
- Online Accounts for application developers
- Online Accounts for service developers

We will also try to contribute some of this documentation back to into
the upstream projects, where relevant (we have an unused wiki at
http://code.google.com/p/accounts-sso/ ).

Feedback is very welcome!