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Re: Webapps confinement, authentication and Online Accounts


Le 05/12/2013 11:35, Alberto Mardegan a écrit :
Some updates:

On 11/25/2013 03:13 PM, Alberto Mardegan wrote:
There are a few ways to address this issue; I will list only the two on
the top of my head (though they are not originally mine, to be honest):
1) Until the authentication has completed, act like an ordinary web browser.
2) Delegate the authentication to Online Accounts.
We have decided to test this second option, to verify its feasibility. And:

The main question I have is: should the webapp container have only read
access to the cookies, or should we let it update them? In other words:
should we simply copy all the cookies over from OA to the webapp when it
starts (let's call this option #1), or should we also have a way for the
webapp to modify the OA cookies (option #2)?
for this, we are testing option #1; so far, it seems that there isn't a
problem with reusing the same cookies more than once, but of course this
is something which depends on the site, and can change in the future.

If you want to replicate these tests, you will need:

- the "app-access" branch of ubuntu-system-settings-online-accounts:


- the "export-cookies" branch of signon-ui:

- The test code itself: https://github.com/mardy/cookie-test
Can you move that to Launchpad also. It's always easier for sharing between us.