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Re: Chromium and NPAPI


We have made some design progress on this:


The extensions will delegate most of the work to an external process,
which in the document above we call "Messaging Process". The extensions
communicate with this process with via Chrome's Native Messaging API (we
will come up with a compatible implementation for Firefox), which allows
exchanging JSON messages.

The Messaging Process is an ordinary process, which means it can use
D-Bus, DConf, link to the system libraries and so on. Therefore, most of
the hard work will be moved there.

Justin is working on a building a skeleton of the implementation (I
guess this will be in the chrome extension's repository?), and once
that's published in a branch I'll work on filling in the implementation
of the OA handling in the Messaging Process and the capture of the
cookies in the chrome extension.

This is still all very WIP, so this is a very good time for commenting. :-)