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[Bug 534235] Re: SCons should define -DHAVE_VARARRAY on gcc tool chain


Scons did not get HAVE_VARARRAY define.

Following fix will add it to generated config.h and starts using old
code with variable length arrays when building with scons.

=== modified file 'build/scons-tools/scons_configure.py'
--- build/scons-tools/scons_configure.py        2010-01-05 13:38:37 +0000
+++ build/scons-tools/scons_configure.py        2010-03-08 20:16:20 +0000
@@ -597,6 +597,9 @@

        if env.HAS_PARAGUI==True:
                data+="#define HAS_PARAGUI\n\n"
+       #scons is only supported where gcc is used for compiling.
+       data +="#define HAVE_VARARRAY\n\n"

        return data

SCons should define -DHAVE_VARARRAY on gcc tool chain
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Status in Widelands: Confirmed

Bug description:
This is due to Jaris VC++ branch which uses this to avoid using auto pointers in some places. I have not checked, maybe scons already defines this, so somebody just needs to check this or add it to the build environment