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Re: [Merge] lp:~widelands-dev/widelands/geologist-messages into lp:widelands


@ Nordfriese: to test the message box I need to wait for anppveyor or build myself. Will report back later. Although I believe that the swap of the images will be very good for visibility and readability og the message box, because the non quadratic images will ever be porrly visible in the message title lines.
@ GunChleoc: I think this would fit well although we show the editor image in the title. Cause the image there si scaled so small, all that really matters is color. and the editor images provide that much better than the ressource indicators. In the body the Indicators fit better cause they are tribe specific.

Just quickly excahged the none image and a coal image. None visibility is better now but with buildhelp on it is still not ideal. If we won't go for a flag with a cross we should at least make the pole a little bit thicker and especially the knob of the flagpole bigger. For the ressources I would have preferred two equal flags (like the top one is) but that is a matter of taste. the same for the height of the poles. for my taste they could be even shorter (especially when having two equal flags but that is not that important. So your choice.

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