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Re: [Merge] lp:~widelands-dev/widelands/bug_1794339_center_wo_parent into lp:widelands


In my case the root cause was a savegame incompatibilty. 

void GameClient::disconnect in network/gameclient.cc creates the messagebox as:
UI::WLMessageBox mmb(d->modal, ....

d is a GameClientImpl* and modal is explicily set as nullpointer in the CTor.
modal is always set to the currently show window and then back to nullptr.

there ist a catch all in GameClient:run() that will call disconnect("CLIENT_CRASHED");

I assume the execption is raised in game.init_savegame(loader_ui, d->settings);

I will try setting d->modal to InteractiveGameBase as early as possible.

Your team Widelands Developers is requested to review the proposed merge of lp:~widelands-dev/widelands/bug_1794339_center_wo_parent into lp:widelands.