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Re: [Merge] lp:~widelands-dev/widelands/worldsavior-frisians-collectors-fix into lp:widelands


Review: Needs Fixing

Ok I had a look into the points of all tribes. All of the tablkes have following schemnein common

gold is always 3 points whether used in weapons or not (+ 1 extra point if it has to be refined i.e. atlantean goldthread)
coal and smelted iron in weapons give 1 point each.
every other ware used in weapon (planks, spidercloth, etc. ) gives 1 point 

from this scheme I think the points for Frisian swords should be changed like in this branch, but the following should be changed as well

helmet_golden from 6 to 7 (same costs as a double sword)
fur_garment to 2 (needs 2 fur)
fur_garment_studded and fur_garment_golden should stay as they are

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