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Re: [Merge] lp:~widelands-dev/widelands/fri-portraits into lp:widelands


@Klaus: I don´t think using real portraits would work. There are very few portraits of Frisians. Aldgisl is about as close as we can get, and he was a Western Frisian duke (so he´d fit to Reebaud, who seems more Western than Northern frisian anyway), but there are few others. In the middle ages, it was mainly rich kings, dukes and the like that had themselves painted. But Northern Frisian society knew no distinction between higher and lower classes – nearly everyone was a peasant, even the (Ratsherren) and (Deichgrafen). Also, as far as I know most frisians who were rich enough to have themselves painted lived on Strand and other places the sea since reclaimed, so those portraits were destroyed by the flood of 1634. That´s why only few older paintings of (northern) Frisians exist. And I don´t want to edit real photographs for Widelands; I tried that but couldn´t produce anything useful. 

@GunChleoc: This branch doesn´t need to wait for b21, right? Since it´s a graphics-only change.
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