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Re: [Merge] lp:~widelands-dev/widelands/bug-1802629-territorial-crash into lp:widelands


I have tested territorial time intensively
I won on crater (2 players) - everything ok.
I lost after 4 hours on crater - everything ok.
I lost by P2 winning - Game ended after p2 (AI) had more than 50% of the map plus 20 minutes.
I lost by loosing my HQ - Game ended due to just one player remaining
I tested even a 3 player setup on two frontiers I lost my HQ and the game ended after one of the AI players had more than 50% of the map plus 20 minutes.

The only thing in the current setup is that the Game status is reported at the end so my early loss in two frontiers was not reported. Theoretically it is possible as well to win while defeated by still holding more than 50 % of the map, unless there is only one player left.

I was not able to provoke a crash even though I removed most of the safety nets introduced in previous versions of this branch.
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