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[Merge] lp:~widelands-dev/widelands/bug-1814372-lua-gametype into lp:widelands


Notabilis has proposed merging lp:~widelands-dev/widelands/bug-1814372-lua-gametype into lp:widelands.

Commit message:
Adding lua method to get the type of the current game, i.e., single or multiplayer.

Requested reviews:
  Widelands Developers (widelands-dev)
Related bugs:
  Bug #1814372 in widelands: "Make single/multiplayer mode accessible to lua"

For more details, see:

This allows scripts to differentiate between single- and multiplayer games, allowing to adapt to restrictions of multiplayer games.

The idea for this came up while debugging desyncs, since the lua sleep() command can lead to desyncs in multiplayer if not used properly (i.e., for all players at the same time).
Your team Widelands Developers is requested to review the proposed merge of lp:~widelands-dev/widelands/bug-1814372-lua-gametype into lp:widelands.

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