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Re: [Merge] lp:~widelands-dev/widelands/bug-1810062-territorial-calculations into lp:widelands


As I am Bacck on my dev laptop I did some tests. first I found the reason for rev 8989 having less fields as rev 8978. In the c++ version non walkable fields are not added for port spaces and starting fields. These fields form the delta. especially in maps with a lot of adjacent port spaces (e.g. trident of fire) this is a better calculation as you would only conquer one port  and not necessarily the others. By this we have implemented a general rule, that water isn't counting at all which is more congruent to the user. so I am very pleased with this change. 

Furthermore I changed the lua version to the values in the c++ branch and they delivered the same results. 
I modified the starting values and regions a bit. And still got the same results for some test maps. I believe this should be true for all maps.

The reason is that every building is blocking at least a radius of 1 for other buildings (only flags can be built there) so I think we could savely set the inner radius to 2 for every building which saves a lot of calculations. In lua f.e. Astoria 2R is down to around 10 seconds (handstopped with my watch). So I think we should try these values (using hollowregion with an inner radius of 2 for all fields including starting and port fields) before merging. 

I really would love to see Tonis Table for these values. 

I will playtest atlanteans 1 tonight just be sure we really do not have any issue with the hash code. If this is fine and the values for the changed regions are still good for the results I think we are finished.

Will report back later.

@ all and especially Toni: many many thanks for your contribution to fix this major bug in our winconditions.

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