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Re: [Merge] lp:~widelands-dev/widelands/expedition_portspace_indicator into lp:widelands


> Port being built can be taken care of by buildcaps
IMHO we should remove the portspaces either only in response to Notes or only autonomously. Mixing both feels messy. 
To use notes, we´d need subscriptions (in addition to what we already have) to
– NoteExpeditionCanceled
– FieldPossession (another possible reason why a portspace might become unavailable is that some other player conquers that land, which is not even necessarily reflected in the buildcaps)
– FieldTerrainChanged (if the port space is removed by a terrain-changing script)
– A tree grows over the port space (or is this forbidden somehow?) → is there a notification for that?
– A script unsets a port space directly → is there a notification for that?

That´s quite a lot for a pretty small feature IMHO; and I don´t think the autonomous cleanup of displayed portspaces is performance-critical – I can´t imagine a player will have so many expeditions at a time that it really matters.
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