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Re: [Merge] lp:~widelands-dev/widelands/AI-fixes into lp:widelands


@Tibor: of course I made sure the numbers are not used elsewhere. Shall I add more comments to explain my changes?

@GunChleoc: will fix the typo ofcourse. I never did any thing in the scenario but watching the AI's doing their job. If you do so you would see significant progress. And you can see that my changes work as desirred. But this was meant for Nordfriese in particular to see whether my changes would solve his issues in the scenario which led him to start working (and making good progress for his own scenario specific AI). However I already had the impression he might be a little bit sadistic with the player to connect all these farms. ;-)

@ both: there is still a line commented out (5710ff in defaultai.cc) I wanted to have a value here that depended on stocklevel vs economy target, but the Code didn't work. I got a crash. So I commented this out as my Skills are to bad for realizing the cause if you know why this would crash you could fix it or give me a hint.
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