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Re: [Merge] lp:~widelands-dev/widelands/AI-fixes into lp:widelands


I will do so, however the 2 buildings (barracks, second carrier) are so special, we would need a lot of code to come to the same results (1 barracks, 2 carrier). We also have a lot of other hardcoded stuff regarding these two. But basically the AI just needs to ensure it builds a barracks but not to early to not run in a deadlock and not to late. more the less the same with second carrier. The problem with these buildings is that their demand is not steady, but has big spikes. By this we can't use the decision algorithms for normal buildings producing wares. And therefore just having a preciousness for the soldier and the second carrier would not do the trick. What I can think for is e.g. having them assigned a Normal Ai limit in lua instead of hardcoding the values as it is now. 
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