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Re: [Wintermute-devel] We Moved!


Hiyas Jacky,

yeah, Dante had pre-warned me about it. Please give the boys a little time
to get the new website set up, as soon as my forum has been restored I'll
get the SII forum set up with the three areas for WM, Psych and SC and they
can start in earnest for the new web area. As discussed with Dante and
Manuela each team will have a 'public' area and also have hidden areas to
ensure none of your coding session discussions and brainstorming sessions
are stolen by commercial companies. phpbb3 is a powerfull little beast :)

Dante also agreed for Zach, the TL of ubuntu-youth to be an admin on the
forum, as he knows him and knows that he knows phpbb3 well now and has
founder access on both mine and the UY forum. He will be my reserve,
.....actually.... this is likely the 1st time he has heard about being
'volunteered'.  Things have moved so quickly, I and the rest of the
admin team are still playing catch up! Give us a couple of days :)

As to who else you want / need, I'm always in ninja kidnapping mode and as
you know, the admin and web padawans involved with SII,  wintermute and
Speechcontrol can all be trusted as they are all the same ones :)
(Hopefully, eventually they will stop nagging me for more work to do!). I
appreciate that jasono's rehabilitation will take a while with Dante,
Manuela and Kiempe,but now he has a mentor - things should be a lot easier
for the lad. At present he is being kept away from SII.



On 21 February 2011 17:11, Jacky Alcine <jacky.alcine@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

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> Greetings members of UAIT! Just so you know, we're no longer the UAIT,
> but the Synthetic Intellect Institute. We moved out of our cramped
> ##wintermute and have partitioned ourselves into corresponding
> channels. I recommend that you bookmark or subscribe to the SII's
> calendar[1] to be on top of future events. We recommend this also to
> plot times you are available for meetings so we can reach everyone in
> an unified fashion.
> *Psychology *team members should report to ##sii-psych and also be
> informed that there's a meeting on the 22th of February at 7 PM UTC.
> Any questions regarding this should be sent to
> wintermute-psych@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.
> *Development* team members should now move into ##sii-dev and be
> advised to pay close attention to the blueprints [2] on Launchpad;
> they'll be updated often and the documents explaining each blueprint
> will be e-mailed out to the team when they are made available.
> [1] -
> http://www.google.com/calendar/embed?src=ahhf02n48j0jnpgqld3p0rcbrk%40group.calendar.google.com&ctz=America/New_York
> [2] - https://blueprints.launchpad.net/~wintermute-devel/+specfeedback
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