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Psych meeting 28/03/11 Agenda.


Hello all;

The Psych team has a meeting in ##sii-psych, do remember to show up on
6PM UTC (or 7PM BST, if that is easier to remember) On Monday 28th.

The Agenda is rather simple; Public Perception of Artificial
Intelligence, in both fiction and reality. So yes, this means we'll
cover items like SkyNet, HAL 9000, GlaDoS, etc. We will of course also
deal with some of the perception problems that Wintermute may face; and
if we have enough time, make preliminary notes on the user interface.

As a side note, I am ascribing you all some homework, however it is
disturbing in nature, so if you have a weak stomach, or are distrubed by
horror movies feel free to skip it, it is only 13 minutes long.


I will expect you to tell me your own emotions you felt whilst watching
it, as well as an analysis of the robot's logic behind it's actions.
Again, if you are uncomftable with horror films, feel free to skip it,
but if you watch it, do not be surprised if you avoid meatballs for the
next few days.

See you on Monday!

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