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Hello folks;

I've seen you've put some avatars up on the wiki; this is good, for a
start ;)

Now, last time I wanted to cut it a bit short (I had a bit of a problem
with my heart about half an hour we were due to start) as I needed to
lie down, but now I have an interesting problem for all of you; I want
the user to think Wintermute = Computer. not Wintermute = Program on my

In order for this to happen, we have to think of what is required for
Winty to say and do in order to complete this illusion; the first thing
that comes to mind is for WIntermute to refer to itself in the 'I'. "I
think my hard-drive is failing" or 'I am too hot.' etc etc.

On another note: JChapman and I met up in the flesh yesterday, and he
explained his idea of making the avatar slightly comical in nature: for
instance, if Wintermute can use emotion as a tool of communication
through language, the avatar could (if Wintermute was 'very happy')
bounce up and down with a happy expression. Or, if it found something
'insanely funny', it could roll across the screen with another happy

Another example would be if the computer had been left alone for a long
period of time, the avatar would turn over and 'sleep' (Wintermute would
spin down the hard-drive, etc).

So, tell me, what do you think?
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