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Experiment #0001: speech feedback.


Greetings all, 

Sorry for the lack of communication, but it's been a bit hard after surgery to 
use a computer, and all my time was taken up with the incident concerning 

Anyway; I have the first experiment I'd ask you all to perform.

Take a device; it could be your mobile phone, your computer, etc; and 
install/use a method of speech feedback; for instance, I recently transferred 
to KDE, and KDE's text-to-speech system, Jovie, and set it to say things like 
"Dante, you have a new message" when I get an email or "Hello, Dante" when I 
turn the computer on.

The purpose of this experiment is to see where feedback would be (roughly) 
helpful; find out what this system needs to say, and what it does not. Keep it 
on even when it annoys you (otherwise it's a bit pointless doing an 

For instance, right now Jovie will speak up everytime someone asks for me on 
IRC, or engages in a PM with me if the IRC client isn't focussed. If I move 
the system's focus to the IRC client, Jovie will not activate on events. From 
this, I learn that it is annoying to have it watch for focus, and activate 
when I'm focussing on something else, even if it's just for a second; so a 
timeout function would be appropiate in this circumstance.

Please run the exepierment for a week; you'll encounter situations where it is 
useful, and where it is annoying. This is the purpose of this experiment.

--Danté Ashton

Synthetic Intellect Institute