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What is AI?


Because trying to assemble a psych meeting through IRC has been somewhat
bad, I thought it best to start a discussion on here.

Artificial Intelligence: AI. Defined, roughly, by programming computers to
perform tasks normally reserved for humans.

But what of a more in-depth definition? Why is Wintermute so special, yet a
spam filter isn't?

Why is the idea of facial recognition more appetizing then that of barcode

Why is it that we can point to any chat-bot; AIML or not, and call that AI,
yet so ignore far more complex processes and daemons running in order to
keep our world turning?

The problem of defining AI is, it seems, very much like defining life; you
can point to yourself, a pet, or anything classed as a microrganism, and say
"That's life."
A set of chemicals, however, isn't. It's just chemicals. When does a bag of
adrenaline turn into anger? When does cortisol turn into worry? The
definition here is as fuzzy as the defintion of  system vs. an intelligent
system, no?

Discuss, chaps.


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