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firstly, we are not dead, just that there is a heck of a lot going on in
terms of structuring SII, applying for incorporation and also keeping
the whole project ticking over. As a part of the admin side (yup, my
area), there are a couple of things that really do need doing.

I will make all efforts to contact everyone on all mailing lists before
these changes are finalised.

1) The Main SII Launch Pad system has switched from "Moderated" to

2) Dev, Wintermute and Psych subteams switch to "Restricted" under SII

As always, when trustees makes a decision, we have said that we would
explain our reasoning whenever possible.

For 1), it was a Moderated team, this meant that we could ONLY have
closed sub-teams - This meant no PPA's were possible. By switching to
Delegated; Subteams can be Open, Delegated, Moderated, or Restricted.

for 2) for the sub teams, "Restricted" gives the TL's and their trusted
admins the authority as to who gets on. "RestrictedMembership is closed,
requires approval ....  Restricted is a good choice for teams that
manage things that need to be secure, like projects, branches, or PPAs."

By setting the main SII as delegated, it means that if a team wish to
come on under one of the other options, we could accomodate their wishes
and needs.

This will take a bit of setting up, so please do bear with me!


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