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The Parables of Wintermute


Hello all.

Considering the size of Wintermute, and the seemingly short time I have left
on this planet, I have taken the advice of a few members and have started
writing a book containing my ideas about the system, short stories depicting
it in various circumstances and articles on related topics. It would be
wrong to think it's a step-by-step guide on how to build the system (there
are still a lot of obstacles we need to overcome ourselves) it's more of a
design document which happens to cover the history of AI, philosophy, and a
few techniques.

What I'd like to know is: what format would you kind folks like it in?

I can easily produce an e-book for free; we already have hosting and the
bandwidth to download it (before you ask, the book in this form will be free
of cost) and I have the tools to both produce a pdf and epub (and most other

I can also use a self-publishing service like lulu.com to provide a printed
copy; but that would cost both me and whomever wanted to buy it (and I'm
afraid I'd have to tack on a bit more on the price to cover the expenses of
self-publishing then just the publishers cost of manufacture)

Finally, I could provide an audio-book; but that, understandably, would take
time. (and, if anyone is interested in this format, I don't suppose you know
a good tool to help with it's creation?)

I would like the book to be free of cost in any form, but in the printed
version, I simply don't have the resources to pay for a number of books to
be printed :/

I expect the book, when completed, to number a couple of hundred pages
(which I was hoping would be this year, but due to a royal bugger-up
concerning AbiWord screwing things up and my backups not updated often
enough, will probably be the middle of next year)



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