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Maverick Status


Hello everyone,

This is an announcement about the status of the user-space wizardpen
driver in Maverick: It doesn't work, it won't compile in the ppa and
even when installed it doesn't function because of the new version of
XOrg in Maverick.

The code hasn't been touched in months and we don't have any developers
working on a fix for this old user-space driver. We do however have our
kernel based wizardpen driver which isn't finished yet.

What you should do:

Stick to Lucid, if you want then you can install both maverick and lucid
at the same time (yes you can do that) and have lucid for drawing and
play with the non-lts maverick without support until we either have a
programmer who has a wizardpen device who can fix the user-space driver
or a release of the kernel driver.

What you can do:

In the mean time I want to get a catalog of wizardpen devices and this
means we need you to be involved: Add your device to this wiki page:


Next take three photos, one top, one side and one of the label as clear
as you can, for example my Wacom tablet looks like this:


The more data we can collect the better and we can't do this without
your help.

Best Regards, Martin Owens